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Life at Hamleys

William Hamley dreamed of opening The Finest Toy Shop in the World and in 1760, he did exactly that.

Hamleys Today

Today, with over 255 years of experience in bringing smiles and laughter to children, Hamleys is known and trusted all over the world.

To find out more about Hamleys, The Finest Toy Shop in the World, our talented people and our commitment to ensuring another 255 years of entertainment through the wonder of toys please;


We truly value our talented people as they are the ones who ensure we continue to grow and thrive as industry experts. They do this by delivering the Hamleys unique experience, developing the toys we sell and creating childhood memories that last a lifetime.

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We've stood the test of time because we love what we do and have the same passion today that Hamleys founder, William Hamley, had all those years ago. Read all about the rich and exciting History of Hamleys.

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Hamleys Toys

Toys, the magical reaction that toys create and the world of imagination that toys promote, are at the centre of all that we do. We are trusted that our toys work as expected, are safe for use and will bring enjoyment to children all year round, year after year. It sounds easy but in reality we put a lot of thought and hard work into getting it right.

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Our Communities

At Hamleys we are committed to positively affecting our local and global environment that children grow up in by supporting re-cycling, encouraging sustainability and through charitable work.

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